During this stressful, uncertain and unforeseen outbreak of COVID-19, spreading on a global scale, the Lions Club of Diggers Rest (LCDR) is here to help and support others in this time of need. We are on the lookout for anyone that may need a helping hand in our community, anyone who is disabled, vulnerable, suffering, anxious, alone. This is the time to check your neighbours and make sure they are OK! Especially the elderly, disabled, single parents, homeless or anyone that may be suffering with mental health issues.

The safety and well‑being of everyone is of the utmost importance, so practice good hygiene (hand washing) and social distancing, and just as important your own wellbeing as well as your loved ones.

Our LCDR members can assist vulnerable people that can’t obtain any essential items like food, toiletries or cleaning products. If you know anyone that may be struggling with the above, or if you yourself may be affected, please Contact Us for help.

If you are a company or individual that has stock of non perisable food, toiletries or cleaning products, you can donate these items to LCDR, where we can distribute these items to the needy within our community. Please Contact Us to discuss your options.